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Quality Assurance
SRI has established and applies a Quality Assurance system that satisfies the requirements of ISO- 9001/2008 certified by Lloyds for the first time in 1987. Closely linked to the QA system, dedicated procedures regulate the day-to-day practices of the entire organisation. Further the strict requirements of GMP and FDA are applicated within SRI when requested.
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SRI focusses its activities on the engineering and manufacture of high grade equipment to various
international standards like:

-PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)
-ASME with U-stamp
-AD 2000
-BS 5500
-SELO (China)
Contact information:
Anco K. Blokzijl
Fred de Vries
at SRI
at SRI or at +31 (0) 6 51 34 67 19
general director
sales manager
or by E-mail at info@sri.nl (messages will be dispatched automatically to the addressee).